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Water Heater Backdrafting, Part 2 of 2: Why It’s Happening and How To Fix It

Last week I blogged about how to determine if a water heater is backdrafting; that's the easy part. The tough part is determining why it's happening and fixing it.[...]

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Water Heater Backdrafting, Part 1 of 2: Why it Matters and What to Look For

I have several different tools that I can use to check draft for proper draft at a water heater if I'm feeling fancy, but there's really no need. To check for proper draft, I simply cup my hands around[...]

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Why Is My Water Heater Backdrafting?

The most common question that I get when I find a backdrafting water heater is "How can this be fixed?" There are many potentials reasons for a water heater backdrafting, but there are several basic things to check - any[...]

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