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We encourage our clients to attend the entire home inspection, from beginning to end. A typical home inspection will take 2-4 hours to conduct, depending on the size and condition of the home, and how many questions our clients have (we love questions).  For first time home buyers, our home inspections provide an excellent education on home ownership and home maintenance.  For the more experienced buyer, we’ll focus more on major issues and general building science.  We take digital photos throughout the inspection and include them in our inspection report, along with several helpful diagrams and illustrations and links to more information on our web site.  Following the inspection, our reports are posted online and available for download in Adobe Acrobat format.

Below is a sample report – this is not a ‘doctored’ report, this is an actual report with the address and client information removed. If you don’t like looking at the report in this format, click the following link for a .pdf version of our Sample Home Inspection Report.


Investor Inspections

We offer A-La-Carte home inspections, as well as investor inspections and investor consultations.  Investor inspections are stripped down home inspections focusing only on major defects with the home, and an investor consultation is essentially an investor inspection with no written report.  These inspections typically take about an hour to conduct. The report below is a real investor inspection, with the client’s name and address information blocked out.