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Need a home inspection? Just fill this form out and we’ll contact you to schedule the inspection. Once we’ve scheduled a time, we’ll follow up by sending a confirmation email, along with a link to our inspection agreement, which we request our clients read and electronically sign before the inspection. To view the agreement ahead of time, just click the following link to open a new browser window – Structure Tech Inspection Agreement .

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A Few More Questions

Will the utilities be on for the inspection?
The utilities should be on prior to the inspection (water, gas, electric). If the utilities are not on, we will be unable to fully inspect the related components. If requested, the cost for a return trip to inspect these items is $100.

Should we test for radon?
If you would like a radon test performed, please let us know at least 24 hours ahead of time, as we need to notify the sellers of the test protocol. We charge $150 for a radon test if done with the home inspection.

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